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Terms of payment and shipment of the book shop of the German Speaking FoxPro User Group dFPUG

Most recent update of these terms: March 1st, 2002

Order placement

Orders to the dFPUG can be placed by e-mail to, by paper mail to our below mentioned postal address, or by fax to 0049-(0)-6173-950904, but not via telephone calls.

Prices and availability of books

If we have to refill our stocks, we cannot process a book order immediately, but we will do so as soon as possible. The current price list is to be found on the website on the link "Buecher" as an MSWord document, headlined "dFPUG-Fachbuchversand". The very unfavourable development of the Dollar-EURO exchange rates has forced us to raise our retail prices in the end of the year 2000.

Shipping cost

The shipping cost is being added to the books' retail price and thus is a position on the invoice. The shipping cost within the European Union amounts to 5,11 EURO per book (exception: 10,22 EURO for the "Hacker's Guide").

The shipping cost to non-European Union states depends on the quantity of books and on the German postage cost. All books exept for the "Hacker's Guide" (2,7 kilograms) weigh less than 1 kilogram.

Shipping a parcel of up to 4 kilograms takes EURO 14,60 of postage to Finland, the Czech Republic, Poland, and the Slovak Republic.

Shipping a parcel of up to 4 kilograms takes EURO 23,80 of postage to Belarus, Bosnia/Hercegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, Hungary, Iceland, Kasachstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldavia, Norway, Romania, the Russian Federation, Slovenia, Turkey, the Ukraine, and Yugoslavia.


If desired, the purchaser receives an invoice via e-mail, fax or post in advance, i.e. before payment and shipment. Please tell us if you prefer a certain way of billing.

Payment conditions

Payment has to be effected to the full amount, i.e. making up for all bank fees or cheque fees or other payment reductions in the purchaser's country as well as in Germany. For orders from non-European Union countries, payment has to be effected in advance, and the books are being shipped after the full amount of the invoice has arrived at our bank account. The most common modes of payment are cheques in EURO, or, often the most practical and reliable way, a EURO (1 EURO = 1,95583 DEM) bank transfer to the following account:

Bank account number:


Holder of the bank account:

Isys GmbH

Bank name:

Frankfurter Volksbank

German bank code number:

501 900 00

SWIFT code:


Please do not forget to mention the purchaser's complete name and the invoice number ("Rechnung Nr. ...") and invoice date or, if no billing has taken place yet, the purchaser's name and city and the date of the order.

So far, the dFPUG c/o Isys GmbH does not accept credit cards.

Special agreements

Any special agreement concerning purchases from the dFPUG book shop must be confirmed by the dFPUG in writing, mail, or fax to become valid.
If there are any further questions, just call us or send an e-mail to

Postal address

Frankfurter Strasse 21 b
61476 Kronberg

Phone 0049-(0)-6173-950903
Fax 0049-(0)-6173-950904